Friday, 18 December 2015

Bilder freistellen is the German term for photo cut out

Different country has different languages and in each language, there are different ways of saying the same thing. Well, saying the same thing but saying it differently that is. One work in one language means something good where the same word in another country can mean completely different. For example: bilder freistellen in German literally means photo cut out in English. This is an example of different words with same or similar meaning.

At the same time, same word has different meaning in different language. For example: when General Motors launched its Chevy Nova car in the Latin America, it was a big flop. After investigation, General Motors found out that the reason for their flop is not the car itself but the name Nova. In Latin, the term nova means "No Go." Imagine that, a car named No GO. Who is the world will buy such a car?

There are few other terms for the word photo cut out such as clipping path, background removal, remove photo background, adobe Photoshop remove background, etc. in German, there are also few similar phrases used to describe same meaning. Such as: bild freistellen, fotos freistellen, foto freistellen, Beschneidungspfad, Freistellen von Bildern, Multipfad Freisteller, etc.

If you are looking for photo cut out services, you can try out the professional photo cut out services by Joolo Media. Joolo Media is a company that is dedicated towards providing the clients with top quality photo cut out services at an unbeatable cost. Whether you are in the English speaking country and call it photo cut outs or in Germany calling it Bilder freistellen, Joolo Media is your top outsourcing partner.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Working around clipping path in Photoshop

Whether you are using adobe Photoshop or any other image editing tool like GIMP or something else, the process of creating a path is pretty much standardized. There are various reason for which someone or some company might want to create a path around certain object in a photo. The reason for creating the path is not the scope of this article. How the clipping path or photo cut out is done on photo editing programs is the topic here.

If you need to create any path or do photo cut outs for personal use, then you can do it the way you can do it yourself or works for you. In this case, some will try to get away by using magic wand to create a clipping path or photo cut outs. While this might work for some home users or amateur purposes, professional use of clipping path service or photo cut outs require professional photo editing.

There are some professional clipping path service or photo cut outs service providers who provide such service and do the job professionally. They use Photoshop pen tool and create the entire path using the hand tool. This way of providing a clipping path service or photo cut outs deliver professional quality job and render accurate paths.

So if you want to do a clipping path or photo cut outs in Photoshop or any other image editing software, you know you can use one of two methods. One is the magic wand to create a quick path which may serve some home use purpose, or you can do (or hire a professional clipping path service or photo cut outs service provider) it in a more professional way by using pen tool to create accurate path.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The best clipping path service company

While outsourcing the clipping path job, everyone or every single company try to partner with the best clipping path service company. There are lots of clipping path service companies out there and finding the best or a clipping path outsourcing partnership that works is not an easy task.

Its not very hard to setup a clipping path service company in a developing country. Barrier to entry in this business is very minimal. As long as you have a few people to work and few computers, you are in clipping path service business. Lot of these so called clipping path service companies don't even have any formal office as they work out of their parent's home. Just taking a room, setting up a few computer workstations and have the internet connectivity. That’s all it takes for someone to setup a clipping path service company.

These so called clipping path service our photo cut outs services companies often look for small jobs and small clients. Since they don’t have any formal company structure, they are not 100% professional or client oriented. They look for clipping path job on the freelance forums or online job sites. Since they always look for clipping path service or photo cut outs related jobs online, at any given time, they may have more jobs that they can handle.

This doesn’t bother them at all if client's deadline gets missed or client is not satisfied with the quality. All they focus on is more jobs and more money at the end of the day.

If you are running a serious business and need quality clipping path service and quick reliable turnaround, you will need to partner with a structured clipping path service company. A clipping path service company that is fully staffed, has its own office, has a point of contact, delivers high quality jobs, and most importantly delivers the job in a timely manner every single time.

Joolo Media is one such clipping path service company who is capable of delivering all that.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Packshot photography clipping path outsourcing partner

All packshot photographers or product photographers find the need of clipping path for their product images. Depending on the product, it may take 5 - 10 minutes to do a clipping or photo cut out if the product is simple with straight outline. If the product is complex, it may take 20 - 30 minutes or even more to do a clipping path for the packshot photography.

Depending on the volume of packshot photography clipping path or photo cut out, some photographers do the clipping themselves or outsource the clipping path process. Typically all photographers who are busy with consistent business volume have their own in house Photoshop editors. If the photographer is just starting up, he or she might try to do the clipping on their own for the time being till business picks up.

When the volume is more than the photographer can handle on his or her own, there comes the need of hiring a Photoshop editor or consider outsourcing the photo editing process. With computer workstation, Photoshop licensing, employee salary and other benefits, it might end up costing someone $30 - $50 per hour to run the clipping path or photo cut out process in house.

Considering the high cost of in house staff and headache of managing the staff, most packshot photographers outsource the clipping path or photo cut out process of offshore clipping path outsourcing companies.

If a good packshot outsourcing partner is selected, you can get the high quality edits for a fraction of the cost. Lot of clipping path outsourcing companies charge as low as $5 an hour while deliver top quality work. You just have to find the right packshot outsourcing partner that will deliver high quality job in a timely manner, yet save you a bundle in your photo editing projects.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Cutting out a photo or an element from a photo

Photo cut out is a process of cutting an element from a photo and isolate that by creating a new file for that specific element. There is another name for it which is Photoshop clipping path. While both are pretty much same, some people prefer to call it photo cut out where others call it clipping path.

Clipping path is a more technical term in Photoshop. Technically savvy people who are proficient in Photoshop use the term clipping path. Where people who just know what need to be done, they use the term photo cut out.

There are online tools as well as desktop tools available for this type of photo cut out operations. However, if the image is noisy or blurry, or there are not so even background on the photo, using the tools or online applications will not cut out or remove the background of a photo properly.

If you are just an average home user needing to edit one or two images hare and there, the you can use the photo cut out applications or tools to get the job done. However, if  you are a business owner needing to remove the background form your product photo, you need to avail the services of a professional photo cut out service provider or a clipping path service provider.

Also, business owners who need hundreds of photos or in some cases thousands of photos to be cut out, they don’t have time fooling around with free photo cut out tools and trying to see if they can get away with it. They neither have the time or can justify doing so. Since these images need to be professionally edited and must look ecommerce site friendly, they require personal touch. Without high quality editing, prospective buyers will not have confidence in the company product as those photos will not look attractive with proper finishing. This is where corporate clipping path or photo cut outservices come in handy.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Where to get bulk image background removal service

(Joolo Media, offers professional bulk image background removal services)

Lots of businesses require publishing images on various platforms and medias. In some cases, some of these companies have their in-house photo editing team. In the rest of the cases, other companies utilize bulk image background removal outsourcing.

Image Background Removal
There are many bulk image background removal services companies out there. Most of them are operating from developing countries where labor is cheap. In most cases, you also get cheap services along with poor to non-existent communication.

There ARE some professional image background removal services companies led by educated and experienced management however. Finding one of these rare gems is the key.

How to find a professional bulk image background removal services company:

Your search will begin just like any other searches, by searching google. You will come up with many companies that offer bulk image background removal services, bulk clipping path outsourcing services, bulk image masking services, etc.

Image Background Removal Services
Spend a little time on few of these sites. Try to get a feel for the professionalism the sites display. Identify 2-3 companies to contact.

Contact the selected companies. Ask them whether they would do a free trial for couple of your sample photos.

If the company offers free trial, send the images with edit instructions and see how the edit comes out.

This way you will not only measure the quality of the services, you will also measure the level of communication, response time, etc.

If you find a company that meets all your requirement at a price that is reasonable to you, consider yourself lucky. Feel free to work with them.

You may want to exercise caution at first by starting with small quantity. Once you are comfortable working with your image background removal outsourcing company, you can start sending in your full load of word to them.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Popular format in apparel photography

There are various different styles of photography out there. Practically every aspects of life has its own style of photography. Call it a landscape photography, nature photography, glamor or model photography, wedding photography, interior photography, real estate, birthday, underwater, jewellery, clothing and what not. Every single topic mentioned above has its own style of photography and there are photographers that are specialized in this specific style of photography.

Invisible Mannequin
Apparel photography has several styles itself. Plain product photography, model photography where model are used to wear the clothing items, invisible mannequin photography, etc. Out of all the styles, invisible mannequin photography is the most popular style of apparel product photography for few different reasons.

One reason for invisible mannequin photography being so popular is that in this type of photography, there is no need for a live model. Not only live model are expensive, hiring so many different model in various age group and gender can be quite overwhelming. Only large brands can afford to use models for all their products as they have deep pockets. Small to medium size apparel companies cannot afford to be burdened with such photo shoot expense.

It is also extremely time consuming to contract all the models, schedule the photo shoot sessions, not to mention hire photographers, then get the selected images delivered by the photographers. The whole process might take weeks to get completed.

Shooting product photos plain as is putting them on the floor or on a surface looks very plain. It doesn't show any character of the product and users will not get to see how it would look wearing that specific product in real life.

Invisible Mannequin Photography
Use of product pictures shot on a mannequin may give you a feel for the item, but it again doesn't look so appealing. So after lot of thoughts, there came invisible mannequin photography where it not only looks attractive but also gives the potential buyers a visual on how it would look to wear the product in real life.

Invisible mannequin photography is not only cost effective but also doesn't require much time. The whole process of photo shoot and invisible ghost mannequin photography editing can be done in couple of days. No wonder this is the most popular type of apparel product photography. In the product photo editing phase, all it takes is the use of clipping path and joining with some other editing. This is less than 30 minutes job for an experience photo editing service provider.