Sunday, 16 November 2014

Why photo retouching jobs are moving offshore

No need to compromise the quality and stay up all night to talk to the company that you outsource your photo retouching services to. Now you can outsource them to which is a Toronto, Canada based Photo Retouching Services Company that offers image editing at an offshore cost.

There are wide ranges of companies who require photo retouching services on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis. Professional photographers, web design companies, marketing companies that promote different products, companies that offer branding solution, online shopping sites, eCommerce shopping sites, etc.  Some require dozens of images to be processed on a monthly basis where others require thousands of images to be processed on a monthly basis.

Labor costs in North America and in the European countries are high. Aside from the employee salary, there come the other expenses like employee workstation, office space, parking space, pension benefit, unemployment benefit, and all other types of overhead. An experienced graphic designer in North America earns easy 20 times more than one with similar or comparable expertise in developing countries. Due to the labor cost savings, lot of companies are now outsourcing their image editing and other Photoshop related jobs to offshore companies where they can get them done at a fraction of the cost.

Aside from the monthly salary, there are no benefit payouts either which makes the offshore outsourcing of Photoshop related jobs so attractive. However, offshore outsourcing can come in many different packages. Communication can be an issue working with offshore companies.

Not only there are time differences between the two countries, most of the developing countries not being native English speakers pose another communication challenge. If you can work around the schedule and can find a company that you feel comfortable communicating, by all means work with them on your photo retouching projects.

If you find a local company that have offshore production studio, that would be your best choice. is therefore your prime choice in image editing outsourcing.


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