Friday, 29 November 2013

The Latest Buzz Around Green Coffee Beans

You read many green coffee bean extract reviews and must wonder that what makes it so popular nowadays that everyone is talking about it? Up till now, the consumers had only preferred roasted coffee beans due to their aromatic taste and caffeine. However, it is a common fact to all coffee cultivators that coffee beans are in fact green when they are taken off from the trees. Roasting the beans gives it the color that we commonly see but also removes all the essential properties of its natural forms. With the growing interest in the green form of coffee beans, the use of the beans has become quite common.

Why has the world realized the potential of the unroasted bean lately? The answer to this can be linked to commercial tactics which have focused only on the aspect of caffeine in coffee. The use of green coffee is nothing new, and in fact date backs to thousands of years when the concept of roasting was unknown. As roasting the coffee beans improves its aroma and taste, people prefer it over the bitter version of the green coffee. However, as obesity has become the primary health concern worldwide, people have started to focus on finding effective solutions. Thus, it was only a matter of time when someone’s attention fell on the weight reducing properties of green coffee bean extract.

People today will do anything for an effective and proven method of weight reduction. Green coffee beans contain special compounds like chlorogenic acid which help in reduction of weight through multiple ways. Firstly, the compound increases the metabolism rate of the body which in turn increases the breakdown of fat in the body. Secondly, it prevents excessive glucose formation which affects the fat formation in the body. However, people must not rely completely on the power of the extract of green coffee beans and must do their own bit of exercising and dieting to get in good shape and health.

Green coffee bean extract reviews on the internet mainly focus on the weight reduction aspect of the beans, but fail to throw some light on the other properties of them. For example, the extract of the beans contains powerful antioxidants which help in the overall health of a person. These anti oxidants promote good skin health and are also useful for fighting off cancer. Cholesterol reduction and a healthy heart are a result of these anti oxidants.

The use of green coffee is considered a natural alternative and you can read through the various comments below green coffee bean extract reviews to know whether there are any side effects. It’s always good to consider the advice of a doctor since they are the medical expert and can guide you with the correct prescription. No one is responsible for your health but you yourself. When you go for green coffee bean supplements, always read reviews about the product so that you know that the product is genuine. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Need to Know about Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Making It Work for You

When we consume calories with great amount and it exceeds the energy that we are supposedly to burn off, then there will be an imbalance result in accumulating the fat in our tissues. When this happens continuously, then I can result to obesity. Obesity is being unhealthy it will result to various conditions like hypertension, heart disease or worse, stroke. There are a variety of studies made by researchers both online and camp which shows that the HCA present in Garcinia makes one;

1)    Reduce fat metabolisms and level of cholesterol

The DNL or the “de novo lipogenesis” is a biological process where the fatty acids are metabolized. If you have unused fatty acids in your body, it is supposed to turn into your source of energy, however, if you continuously eat this would not turn into energy. Instead, it will keep on accumulating and be stored which causes you to gain more weight. HCA, which is present in Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract, has an enzyme which then reduces the cholesterol in the body and flush out the metabolite fats out of the body through bowels or urine.

2)    Appetite Suppressant

The HCA works in the brain since it increases one’s serotonins level this will help you block your cravings for food. It will also leave you feeling better because it makes your brain think that you are satisfied.

3)    Controls Binge Eating and Mood Swings

Since Pure Garcenia Cambogia Extract helps you to increase the level of serotonin level in your brain, it can also help you out with your mood swings. This will then help you out to reduce your binge eating. Additionally, it will help you out in managing your anxieties and feelings of depression.

There are a lot of people who under goes weight loss and cannot control their moods. They are easily irritated because of the mixed feelings they feel and because of lack of sleep. Another good thing when you take Garcinia Extract Supplement is that it makes you sleep better. This is a good thing, because you need to have a good sleep even if you’re trying to lose weight so you can have a good energy to work on with the things that you have to do.

Scientific Confirmations

A lot has tried researching and making studies about Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract since it was shown on TV. Here are summary reviews and proofs about the healthy benefits it can give you;


This is an article that was published on the Journal of Medicine which talked about the study that they have made about Garcinia Cambogis. It was a 90 days study which led them to assess the health benefits as well as weight changes that this supplement can bring. There were 60 volunteers who participated and followed the instructions of the program. At the end of the study, they released a statement showing the decreased BMI and weight loss of the people who joined. This article then proved the safeness and efficacy of taking Pure Garcenia Cambogia Extract.


This is a 12 week study period with 58 volunteer obese participants. The results after the program showed a very significant decrease in the levels of cholesterol over all.

User Reviews

User 1- this user in particular only wants to lose weight and be pretty, so she can stand out of the crowd. She then used Pure Garcenia Cambogia Extract when she heard about it and watched it from the Dr. Oz show. She had a wonderful result after a couple of weeks and said, she lost 25 pounds and had regained energy. She is now able to do her work efficiently opposed to when she was using other diet pills.

User 2- She described taking Pure Garcenia Cambogia Extract as “Absolute Best”. She said she really had a hard time losing weight after her second child’s birth and that was 28 years ago. She tried different pills, exercises, diet plans and even shake, but nothing changed. She had trouble sleeping, always hungry and no energy. She was 204 lbs prior to taking the supplement. After 6 months of taking the supplement she was able to lose 47ibs. She’s getting good sleeps, no moody encounters and she reported to be energetic and finish her tasks in a timely manner.

User 3- stated that Pure Garcenia Cambogia Extract is “just another pill”. It helped her out a lot especially on her mood swing related to her dieting. she is now able to manage her anxieties well and replenish her energy.

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