Friday, 3 July 2015

Cutting out a photo or an element from a photo

Photo cut out is a process of cutting an element from a photo and isolate that by creating a new file for that specific element. There is another name for it which is Photoshop clipping path. While both are pretty much same, some people prefer to call it photo cut out where others call it clipping path.

Clipping path is a more technical term in Photoshop. Technically savvy people who are proficient in Photoshop use the term clipping path. Where people who just know what need to be done, they use the term photo cut out.

There are online tools as well as desktop tools available for this type of photo cut out operations. However, if the image is noisy or blurry, or there are not so even background on the photo, using the tools or online applications will not cut out or remove the background of a photo properly.

If you are just an average home user needing to edit one or two images hare and there, the you can use the photo cut out applications or tools to get the job done. However, if  you are a business owner needing to remove the background form your product photo, you need to avail the services of a professional photo cut out service provider or a clipping path service provider.

Also, business owners who need hundreds of photos or in some cases thousands of photos to be cut out, they don’t have time fooling around with free photo cut out tools and trying to see if they can get away with it. They neither have the time or can justify doing so. Since these images need to be professionally edited and must look ecommerce site friendly, they require personal touch. Without high quality editing, prospective buyers will not have confidence in the company product as those photos will not look attractive with proper finishing. This is where corporate clipping path or photo cut outservices come in handy.