Friday, 23 January 2015

Who needs clipping path service?
Practically anyone can use clipping path services. Before we identify who needs clipping service, we fist need to take a look at what clipping path is actually.

Clipping path is just what it is named for. Creating a path on an image and clipping that path out of the image. Once the path is clipped, it is then exported to a new image file by creating a new image only with that clipped portion.

There are single object clipping path and there are multi clipping path which requires multiple objects to be clipped form a single photograph.

Now that we know what clipping actually is, we can take a look at who would require clipping path service. Say you were in a party and several people took lots of photographs using their own cameras. On one of those pictures, your photo came up really good but you don’t like the surrounding. You need to isolate yourself from that group photo and want to keep just your photo as a memory. Using clipping path, you can easily attain that objective.

Or you are an online retailer and post photos of your products online, you need clipping path to clip the images and post them online. Basically clipping path will give your images more professional andstunning look and make your product stand out. Like they say, picture says a thousand words. A good picture is what it takes sometimes to make a sale.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

How to retouch a photo

Before we go over how to retouch a photo, its important to know what photo retouching is. While the term photo retouching is pretty self explanatory, it is always a good idea to start with some basics for those who are new to the concept.

Photo retouching is basically retouching a digital photo. In other words, it is retouching or editing a photo that is in a digital format. Like a photo in the computer or cell phone or on some memory card or other storage device.

If you have an old camera that is not digital or if you have a printed picture that you wish to edit or retouch, that is also possible. However, you first need to scan the photograph with an image scanner, transfer a digital copy to your computer, then edit or retouch that photo.

You need an image editing tool like adobe photoshop or something similar that allows you to edit a digital picture. Using various functions of adobe photoshop, you can retouch or edit the image to whatever you like.

Adobe photoshop is a professional photo editing or photo retouching software. It costs money to buy the licensing for this specific photo editing tool. However, there are some free graphic design software that you can use to edit pictures as well. Depending on what you are doing, or if you just use the tool on an occasional basis, you might be better off going with a free software.

On the other hand, if you need photo retouching services on a regular basis, you might find it time and costs efficient to outsource your job to some photo retouching services provider.