Sunday, 29 March 2015

How to photograph jewelry items properly

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Jewelry is an extremely delicate piece of item to photograph. A photographer needs to have deep knowledge in this area in order to be a good jewelry photographer. You might have the latest top of the line professional SLR or digital SLR camera, you may have proven track record in wedding photography or other portrait or landscape photography. Still you might suck at a jewelry photographer.

Shocked? Well, you need not be. Once I explain how it is to be a good jewelry photographer, you will easily understand what I mean and how true it is.

I started by saying jewelry being the most delicate piece of item you can ever shoot. Reason it is delicate because there are so many different types of metal like white gold, yellow gold, silver, starling silver, brass, bronze and what not. At the same time there are so many different types of stones as well as every single stone has its own characteristics.

While some stones will require center focused lighting arrangement, other might need the lighting to be evenly distributed to catch the proper color and show the real clarity. Improper lighting will make the jewelry items look dull and not suitable for any web shop.

A good jewelry photographer will understand what type of stone will require what type of lighting. A good jewelry photo make the job lot easier for the jewelry photo editing person retouch the photo easily and quickly. This at the end end up saving cost. While a poorly taken jewelry photo will make the jewelry photo retoucher spend lot more time on retouching which will drive up the cost of jewelry photo editing. If you therefore need to hire jewelry photographers for your product photo, make sure they know what they are doing.

Even if you are a good jewelry photographer, you will find the need of having your jewelry photos edited so that they can be suitable for posting on the web shop or catalogs. Difference being, a good photo will work as a good base and will take less time in editing.


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