Thursday, 2 April 2015

Latest trend in apparel industry

Apparel industry came a long way. Those days of having the clothing items in the store rack and waiting for clients are long gone. Customers still go to malls and other clothing shops to buy their clothing’s but internet made the whole apparel industry a whole new ballgame.

Even at the store, apparel items are not stacked in the shelves anymore only. Some are stacked where customers can pick the right size from. But there are metal stands with hangers where the clothes are hanging from. On the store front, there are live size fashion designs or dress form mannequins displaying the appeal items.

Mannequins are also used in online store fronts or web shops. Where some clothing companies are using images of live size dress form mannequins or fashion design mannequins displaying the dresses, others are being a bit more innovative by using invisible mannequin photography or ghost mannequin photography.

They way it works is by dressing a mannequin with the desired clothing item and taking a photograph. Another photograph is then taken displaying the tag on the neck. These two images are them joined together to form an invisible mannequin photography or a ghost mannequin effect.

Taking this invisible mannequin photography is a bit tricky. But the most tricky part is creating the ghost mannequin effects in photoshop. You need a good photoshop expert who is skilled in editing apparel photos, especially editing invisible mannequin photography. has been working with clients in the apparel industry offering photo editing services and one of the area of their expertise is creating ghost mannequin effects in photoshop. If you are looking to get such form of photo editing on a regular basis, feel free to visit their site and avail their services.


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