Friday, 22 May 2015

Popular way of displaying apparel products

Apparel or clothing products is a big industry itself. there are so many types of products out there that each different category has its own big market around the globe. the way it works in the apparel industry these days is that almost 100% of the time, the product is manufactured in one country and then sold around the globe. Often the manufacturing country is a developing country where labor is cheaper than the product owners own country.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin
sometimes product owners will have their own retail line to move those products. other times certain buyers from one country will order the product manufacturing from an offshore garments company or buying house. in some cases the products change hands few times before they get sold to the retain customers.

whatever the process is or however long the chain is in manufacturing and selling the apparel products, they need to get advertised at some point in time. some advertisements are done to attract retailer or whole sale buyers while some advertisement are done by retailers to promote the products to the consumers.

Invisible Mannequin Photography
one of the most popular way of promoting these apparel products is invisible ghost mannequin photography. advertising companies or actual product advertisers can not only eliminate the cost of hiring a live model, it allows a unique and more attractive way or presenting the product to the consumers.

in invisible mannequin photography, it gives you the illusion of the clothes being in the mannequin but the mannequin is not visible. other name used for this type of editing are ghost mannequin, neck joint etc.

sometimes these pictures are printed on the catalog and brouchers and other times they are published on the product owners' websites.

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