Friday, 18 December 2015

Bilder freistellen is the German term for photo cut out

Different country has different languages and in each language, there are different ways of saying the same thing. Well, saying the same thing but saying it differently that is. One work in one language means something good where the same word in another country can mean completely different. For example: bilder freistellen in German literally means photo cut out in English. This is an example of different words with same or similar meaning.

At the same time, same word has different meaning in different language. For example: when General Motors launched its Chevy Nova car in the Latin America, it was a big flop. After investigation, General Motors found out that the reason for their flop is not the car itself but the name Nova. In Latin, the term nova means "No Go." Imagine that, a car named No GO. Who is the world will buy such a car?

There are few other terms for the word photo cut out such as clipping path, background removal, remove photo background, adobe Photoshop remove background, etc. in German, there are also few similar phrases used to describe same meaning. Such as: bild freistellen, fotos freistellen, foto freistellen, Beschneidungspfad, Freistellen von Bildern, Multipfad Freisteller, etc.

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